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flood-damage-restorationDamage to your property caused by water leaks is always covered by insurers, but to get full compensation is a hassle. Faulty bath wasters, feed pipes to hot & cold water, or central heating pipes can all cause drastic damage to a property. We ensure all damage and inconvenience caused by these leaks is compensated by the insurer. Give us a call and we will send an expert surveyor, and begin on both the restoration process and dealings with your insurer- and you’ll not pay a penny.

Leak Detection

In cases where the leak difficult to find, we’ll send over an expert search and trace team to find the route cause of your leak damage. All costs will be covered by your insurer if you have acquired trace and access cover in your insurance plan, we can always check on your behalf.

In some cases you might have a central heating leak, for example, and you know it exists because your boiler is loosing pressure but you’re unable to tell where the leak is coming from. In a case like this leaks will typically originate beneath the flooring or tiles in your property and they will need to be taken out to have the leak repaired. We can have this sorted for you by locating the cause, making a cost assessment & agreeing costs with your insurers.


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